31 Days

This October, I’m going to get in the habit of blogging by joining bloggers (including one of my favorite women in the world) in the 31 Days Writing Challenge.  Choose a theme.  Write every day.

31 ThingsWhy this theme?  Because, like any other human, I’m always learning lessons that at some point I haven’t learned yet, and I often wonder what my life would be like if I could go back and tell my younger self what I know now.

My definition of “younger” here is any age that’s younger than I am in the moment I’m writing. So if one day this month I want to say something to myself from the day before, I will. There are no rules, people! Here we go…

Day 1: Trust Your Inspiration
Day 2: You’re Going to Be Single When You’re 40…And It’s Not So Bad
Day 3: Stop Procrastinating!
Day 4: Sometimes You Have to Take a Day Off
Day 5: It’s Not Your Fault
Day 6: It’s Okay to Say No to a Second Date
Day 7: On Which I Don’t Post a Blog Because I Was Working on My Script
Day 8: Leave the Book on the Shelf (or Sexual Orientation is Not a Choice)
Day 9: Girlfriends are the Greatest Gift
Day 10: Eat More Bread
Day 11: On Which I Don’t Post Because I’m in Tech Rehearsals for a Play
Day 12: On Which I Don’t Post Because I’m in Tech Rehearsals for a Play
Day 13: Love What You Love
Day 14: There Are Treasures Hidden in the Rocky Places
Day 15: That Room is Too Small For You Now
Day 16: On Which I Skip Another Day Because of Opening Night
Day 17: Ask That Boy to Prom!
Day 18: On Which I Give Myself Permission Once Again Not to Write Because This Weekend Has Been Exhausting
Day 19: Don’t Get Out of the Car
Day 20: Just Say Thank You
Day 21: You Are Loved
Day 22: On Which I Don’t Write Because I’m Hanging out With My Girlfriends and Watching The Mindy Project
Day 23: Ditch the Plan
Day 24: It’s the Blanket
Day 25: On Which I Don’t Write Because i Don’t Want To
Day 26: On Which I Repeat Day 25
Day 27: Take the Damn Pills
Day 28: Read the Signs
Day 29: A Year From Now…
Day 30: Make Sure Boys Pee Before They Get in the Car
Day 31: Things I Wouldn’t Tell My Younger Self


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