If 40 Were a Dessert (3 before 40)

This post brought to you by the writing prompt of Karen Schumacher.  “i want to hear about if 40 is/was a dessert – what would it be? why?”


I’m just going to go with my gut here…because, frankly, I like a lot of yummy things.

Rich dark chocolate cake with chocolate ganache icing and some sort of salted caramel guts between the layers.

I don’t always even like chocolate cake but when my party planners and I were chatting about the cake element of the 40th, I said…I want chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. I’ve never asked for a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting for my birthday ever in my life.  Almost all of my young life, there was a consistent request for cherry chip with cherry icing.  (You can barely even find cherry chip cake anymore…and the thought of that sweetness in my mouth right now is not appetizing.)  But there’s something about chocolate cake and this birthday.  The truth is that I’m hoping for some rich gooey birthday deliciousness.

11234471975_edfd4dffeaIf 40 was a chocolate cake, the cake couldn’t be any old chocolate.  It would have to be dark chocolate layer cake.  A little bitter but not so much that it’s overwhelming.  And there’d have to be salted caramel in between the layers because life is a little salty sometimes.  Bitter and salty alone can be really unappetizing but mix either with a little sweet caramel and all you want to do is eat it up.  Every possible flavor combination contained in one gloriously decadent taste offering.

Life feels good right now.  Sometimes it feels so rich that the only thing I can do is take one little bite at a time.  I’ve had many days, though, when it’s felt so bitter that one little bite was too much to even consider.  But as 40 draws nigh, I’m finding myself able to look back at all the layers and flavors that have come in my life thus far and am more and more aware (and accepting) of how all of them come together to make one fantastic whole.

Also…there would definitely be enough candles to set off the smoke alarms.  Why hide it? Let’s do this thing.

Ask me again tomorrow when I’m two days from 40 but I think I’ll give you the same answer.


Photo cred: “Chocolate cake with salted caramel” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by  EvasSvammel 

2 thoughts on “If 40 Were a Dessert (3 before 40)

  1. Yum! Sounds delicious. Savor your birthday, Chris! The layers of cake comment reminds me of the rings of a tree – another beautiful mark of celebrating another year of life.


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