Reasons I Love The Mindy Project (10 before 40)


1. Because it makes me laugh out loud.

2. Because Mindy Kaling’s self deprecating humor is so relatable.

3. Because Chris Messina.

But mostly…

4. Because Raquel White and Jessica Horner.

When Fox decided to cancel The Mindy Project last season, I was truly disappointed because the show genuinely makes me giggle. When Hulu picked it up, though, I got a gift. During a hang out at my sweet friend Raquel’s apartment I learned that she too was disappointed that Mindy was going off the air. I mentioned that I had a Hulu Plus subscription and Mindy Night was born.

Five times since October 7th, Raquel (and usually the also sweet and wonderful Jessica…and one time the also sweet and wonderful Lindsey) has come over for a three ish hour girls night complete with dinner, wine, fabulous conversation, kettle corn and Mindy Kaling.

5 nights x 3hrs = 15 hours of girls night amazingness.

This season of The Mindy Project has premiered 13 episodes so far that are 22 minutes long. In 15 hours, we’ve only gotten through 8. That’s a pretty good fabulous conversation to television watching ratio.

Thank you, Mindy Kaling. And thank you Hulu. We appreciate you.


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