the life changing magic, part 2 (11 before 40)

So this life changing magic of tidying up thing is no joke. The first thing you tidy is all your clothes. It’s supposed to be the easiest place to start because there’s less sentimental value attached to them. You lay everything out in one pile (or subcategory piles) and pick each item up one by one, keeping only what “sparks joy”.

Before: My “tops” pile

I’m not going to lie…this is a little weird. But also, it works in its own weird little way.  I’ve already learned some lessons.

Lesson 1 – Don’t try to start reading this book at 9pm or upon attempting sleep you will have a sudden urge to get up and start throwing your clothes away.

I may have stayed up til 2.

Before: jackets, dresses, pants,  etc

Lesson 2 – Don’t claim on your blog that you’re going to tidy up in the three days of your spring break. Oh no no no no no. It took me a total of about 10-11 hours just to go through clothes and then learn how to fold them the “right” way.

Before: My closet
Before: sweater drawer

Lesson 3 – I don’t like most of my clothes. This is not that much of a surprise. I hate buying clothes. Always have so I don’t buy new stuff very often. I’m not good at knowing what looks good on me and I don’t like spending money on things I’m not sure about. So I wouldn’t end up having to walk the streets naked (which would spark joy for very few) I allowed myself to downgrade in some instances from “sparks joy” to “don’t hate it” with the mental caveat that I will do my best to replace things I almost hate with things I will enjoy and be more conscious of spending my money on things I love.  Also, hoodies and pajama pants spark joy…so there’s that.

Those that did not spark joy

Lesson 4 – it’s difficult to say goodbye to things you’ve had around for awhile. I often sleep in a huge sweatshirt I bought in college probably 20 years ago. I have yet to be sure if it’s leaving my house.

Those that did


All folded up and ready to put    away
After: sweater drawer
T-shirts, shorts, yoga pants, jammies, and   room to spare
After: the closet

Lesson 5 – my drawers and closet really do look pretty. And the morning after I arranged them I woke up compelled to make my bed. And that, my friends, is a sign of magic.

I’m obsessed.

Next stop…books…


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