1 + 1 > 2 (17 before 40)

For some reason I’ve been thinking a lot in the last few weeks about my paternal grandparents and the legacy they created by the “simple” act of coming together and how thankful I am for being a part of a stellar clan of people…

unnamedOn November 6, 1941 Aloys Peter Krebsbach, the son of a farmer, joined his life with Dorothy Lucy Mannenbach, the daughter of a funeral director and 1+1 equaled 2.  But soon they began to begat and the 2 became 7.  And years later, more vows were exchanged to add to their numbers and the 7 became 11.  And there was a next generation and the 11 became 24.  And the next generation exchanged vows (and is still in the process of) and the 24 became 31 (with more to come).  And then there were some more babies and the 31 became 46.  And some of those babies got old enough to exchange vows and the 46 became 48 (49 in October) and then there were a few more babies and the 48 (almost 49) became 51.  Over the course of 75 years, 1 + 1 has added up to way more than 2.

We are teachers, engineers and stay at home moms.  We are marketers and graphic designers.  We are artists, bloggers, film-makers and opera singers.  We are social workers, therapists and pastors.  We are missionaries. We are environmentalists.  We are soldiers.  We make clothes and art and refurbish old finds into new treasures.  We manage golf courses and study nutrition.

We each, in our own ways, make the world a better place for other people.

We share a common faith though it takes many forms.

We love music and movies and getting together en masse…for weddings and Christmases and summer get togethers.  We love the Brewers and the Packers.  We love an old fashioned and a chunk of sharp Wisconsin cheddar cheese.

We remember frozen chocolate chip cookies waiting for us in ice cream buckets in our grandparents’ garage.

We get teary eyed when someone sings Silent Night, especially in German, because it reminds us of the 1 +1.

We are connected through the lives of two very special people that met at a dance almost eight decades ago and decided to intertwine their lives to watch what would happen.  And the world saw that it was very very good.

Not quite all of the 2nd generation.
Not quite all of the 3rd.


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