In Praise of Slow and Steady (20 before 40)

SlowSlow and steady often has a bad connotation in our culture…especially in the city of angels.  We want so many things to be fast – food, money, cars, traffic, change.

This weekend, I spent a few days with my uncle in a seniors only paradise in Phoenix, AZ and I was so thankful for the pace of everyone and everything around me.  After a 6 hour drive in which I was trying to get in front of any car going slower than I was because I was running late to see a baseball game (um…one of the slowest games in the world…), I discovered the 10mph speed limit in the RV park to be refreshing.

I felt my breath return.

Downshifts of shuffleboard and bocce ball and being taught the ins and outs of lawn bowling, of bicycles, of a long stroll through a botanical garden, of the pace of a gentle Sunday morning reminded me that there is much to learn about slow and steady from the generations that have gone before me.  The chance to have enough time to listen to a 6.5 hour audio book all in one sitting (in an at times very slow moving traffic lane on the 10), shone a mirror on my tendency for speed and the rate at which I sometimes expect myself (and others) to go.

So as I enter the next week, I challenge myself to honor slowness and steadiness in myself and others.  Not as a new lesson that I’ve never learned before but as an oft forgotten one which came back to me at just the right pace.


Photo cred: Via Flickr: “Slow Down” by Arti Sandhu





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