On Days Without Inspiration (31 before 40)

Honestly, I feel like I’ve had no good ideas today.

Well, I thought on and off all day about writing a post about my underwear drawer because I came up with a good title for a post – On Push-Up Bras and Fancy Underpants – but decided it wouldn’t be that interesting because there are not a lot of push-up bras or fancy underpants in there…In fact, one of my pairs of not that fancy underpants ripped today.  Just went to pull them on and they randomly ripped.  I guess that happens sometimes when you don’t buy a lot of fancy underpants.  (Note: I think the word underpants is funny.  And the word panties kind of makes me want to gag.)

For the sake of trying to stick with the “write every day” thing, though, I’m just going to say…

Some days I just don’t have a lot of inspiration.

To be fair to my inspiration, I didn’t really encourage it to come out and play.  I sat down and tried to write this post several times but other than that, I did some work and I watched some tv…and tv is sort of like my inspiration’s kryptonite.  I could easily let the fact that my only new idea today was about underwear mess up my tomorrow as well, but I’ll choose not to.  My introverted side just needed a little time off from all the people and the good work my brain has been supplying in the past couple of weeks.  I’ll choose to give my inspiration a little grace and acknowledge that it might have needed a day to hide away and ask it to join me in my tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “On Days Without Inspiration (31 before 40)

  1. Ryan loves to talk about underwear! Like, LOVES it! In fact, yesterday in PE while they were playing a game where a caller shouts an article of clothing a classmate might be wearing, then if you are indeed wearing said article, you must run…well, Ryan was the caller and he LOVES to make people laugh…so, he said, “Whoever is wearing UNDERWEAR!” Underwear. Underwear. Underwear. All the kids laughed, even my friend who was the substitute teacher, and of course, Ryan LOVED that everyone laughed AND ran. I’ve got my hands full.

    And ps, go buy yourself some underwear! 3 new pairs! Or, I can start a panty drive for you: 40 pairs for your 40th? Just let me know…


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