Dear Cranky Guy in Starbucks (35 before 40)

Dear Cranky Guy in Starbucks Who Wants His Butter Croissant,

Hold your horses!

There are a lot of people waiting right now.  And we’ve all been waiting for more minutes than we wanted to be.  But did you see the 20 cars in the drive thru line and the 20 people standing around you at the counter before you ordered?  I know that in the grand scheme of life, one would think that it would take less than 10 minutes to heat up a butter croissant, but it’s Saturday at 11am at the busiest Starbucks in Burbank and it’s obvious that this crew of people is stressed.  They’re “in the weeds” so to speak.   (If you’ve never worked in food service, that’s code for…”I’m busy as fuck and I can’t catch up.”)

By the time the person you were pestering for your butter croissant responded to you for the third time, you should have picked up on the fact that…1) her crew was very busy, 2) your croissant was waiting in line for the warmer, 3) the warmer was on the fritz and 4) you could get your croissant right now if you were okay with it not being warm.   Also she seemed pretty clear on the message that you wanted your butter croissant immediately…because you had already asked for your butter croissant two times.

Dude.  Are you watching them?  They’re working as fast as they can.

Also, for future use, when you are upset that you’re waiting longer than you want to wait for something but then also demand that you get a free new drink because you’ve had to wait for approximately the same amount of time that everyone else has been waiting, someone else then has to wait longer to get their drink.  It’s kind of simple math.

Look.  I’m all for good customer service and I get pissed all the time.  And it seemed like you had someplace you needed to be. And I’ll be honest, I wanted to be someplace else more quickly and I considered being a pest as well, but because you were being sort of a jerk, I made a different choice.  I just started talking to the human being next to me…who incidentally had also been waiting a long time for her sandwich.

(Wait.  I guess you were leading by bad example and I should thank you.  Thank you!)

I found out that she’s a mama here from Arkansas, renting a house locally so her daughter can be around to audition for pilot season.  That was fun… meeting a stranger who’s helping a kid pursue a dream.

I got my sandwich, my coffee and a good story.  You got a butter croissant (finally), a free double espresso and possibly a bitch session with a friend when you got to wherever you were going.  In my economy, I got the better deal.

But next Saturday, if the line at Starbucks is really really long, maybe think about walking next door to get your butter croissant and coffee from the grocery store. Or another place that’s not slammed because everyone and their brother wants a $4 cup of coffee.  Or just relax, look around and say hello to the person on your right.


The Calm Gal in Starbucks Who’s Standing Right Behind You


(This post is a 6th in a series called 40 Before 40.  40 random thoughts on the 40 days before I turn 40 years old.  If you have a post suggestion, send it on.  Creativity is collaborative and I’ll take any writing prompts you want to send my way.)


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