Five Things I Know to be True (39 before 40)

I’ve lived almost 40 full years at this point, so I guess I know some stuff.  Here are five things I know to be true:

  1. Saying goodbye is the worst…most of the time.  I had to say goodbye to a friend last week.  When you say goodbye, you never know if/when you will see a person again.  This is difficult for me…as I assume it is difficult for most of the human race.  There are very few times I’ve had an easy time saying goodbye.  There was that one step-father, that one crazy guy I dated for a month and a handful of high level obnoxious students over the past 13 years.  Otherwise, I like people to stay around.
  2. What you believe about things changes over time.  So many things.  So many times.  I have come to a place in life where I never want to be more than 99.8% sure of anything because that way, there’s always room to grow.
  3. Driving in LA really does get easier.  The first time I drove into the city, I thought I’d die.  Literally.  But I learned how to have traffic zen and now driving 45 minutes to get somewhere important seems pretty typical.  Also…when you only have to drive 17 minutes, it feels like a gift.
  4. Seasons come and season go.  I have a tendency to sit in the misconception that things (bad and good) last forever.  But I also (when I sit and remember for a moment) realize that this is entirely untrue.  I’ve had a lot of moments of “it’s always going to be this way and I can’t change anything and I just can’t go on!” and then I remind myself that that is a lie.  Tomorrow and next week and next year will probably be different than today…so it’s good to pay attention.
  5. I will never really get over my need for a dad.  Even when my dad has disappeared from my life (sometimes literally, often figuratively), I’ve still had a deep longing for connection to him and a meaningful relationship.  At some point, I came to embrace that he could not be who he was not, and there was freedom in that.  But there will still always be a part of me that wishes things were as they were “meant to be.”
  6. (Bonus thing.)  Laughter and friendship really are two of the best medicines for whatever ails you.

3 thoughts on “Five Things I Know to be True (39 before 40)

  1. #4…nice work!

    And since I’m so wise, and “old” as you refer, keep in mind: numbers are derived from the ancient Hindu simply to quantify things…don’t think of it as quantifying days gone by, but wisdom gained, life lived, and the infinite potential of learning and thriving so much more, with priceless experience under your belt. In other words, watch out who you are calling old, sister! I’ve earned every single one of my f*cking gray hairs!


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