The End is Nigh (40 before 40)

Well, the end of my 30s is nigh, that is.  In honor of my forcible expulsion from this decade, I’ve decided to embark on a new blog challenge…offered to me by a friend who said, “Why aren’t you blogging?  What if you just tried to write for five minutes a day?”  (Thanks Adrienne.)

And with that, a writing series was born.  I shall call it…40 before 40.

I’ll be writing for five minutes a day for the 40 days before I reach “over the hill” status.  And yup…today marks 40 days away.  I don’t know what the topics will be.  They’ll just come out on a daily basis but if you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave them in the comment box and I’ll try to astound and amaze you with my deep thoughts on whatever you want to throw at me.

Why not?  Bring it on.  (I suddenly feel very tentative about that statement.)

This is as much for fun as it is for the discipline of sitting down to write.  So feel free to ignore or follow.  (There’s a follow box down and to the right.)  The power is in your track pad (or your mouse or your finger depending on what sort of device yuo’re using right now.)

But seriously…do you remember when 40 used to be over the hill?  For me 40 has always carried this elusive “adult” status and always felt far away.  I want to foster…well…maybe after I’m 40.  I’m going to take a pause on my acting career…but maybe I’ll pick it up again when I’m 40.  40 is so old.

I’m pretty sure we threw a party for my mother when she turned 40 which included a quite funny (I thought at the time) gift of prune juice and Depends.  What a jerk, kid*!  I’m thankful to be living in a time when 40 is still youthful and fun.  Maybe it always has been but my young person perspective has been blind to it.  I’m thankful to have so many friends who have crested the hill and seem to enjoy life there more than ever.  I’m excited to enter what some people refer to as the “second half of life”.  

I guess once you’re over the hill, it’s all downhill from there, so I’m going to do my best to buckle up and enjoy the ride.

(*it’s probable that this happened at her 50th…but still…)


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